Listen to your body’s message. It send signals to your brain about what’s going on inside all the time. The more you ignore your body’s message the louder it will shout until it grasps your attention.

Two weeks ago my body’s message came through screaming. I had a tiny trip up the steps at my workplace. I would usually brush this off and bounce back from in a matter of minutes. When the pain only got worse over the subsequent hours I knew something was out of the ordinary.

I took myself to the clinic at 12am to find out that I had fractured my toe. The doctor booked me off work for two weeks.

He told me I was not to be on my feet for two weeks. I was not to train or exercise for two weeks. It was clear that my body’s message was that it needed rest.

My life goes at a dynamic pace, working 6 days a week and running my own business in between and trying to taking care of myself. Training myself and others is a big part of my life. Exercise is my go-to stress reliever and I include it in my daily routine for my body and mind.

I immediately listened to my body after the injury and gave it plenty of rest. The amount of recuperation it needed, I underestimated. I could not see myself off my feet for more than a few days so when I could still not walk after the first week I realised the severity of my body’s message.

It took a great deal of humility to get through the second week of not being productive or active but I listened to my body. It’s been a quiet time and I’ve used it to exercise my mind and enjoy simple things and just being in my own space.

Get in touch with your body’s connection in order to hear the message before it resorts to bold actions to get you to listen. Balance hard work with good rest and know when to not push any harder. Eating right and regular exercise fuels your body but sleep is just as important to keep it functioning optimally. Put a focus on yourself so that you can carry out your responsibilities in a effortless way once your needs are fulfilled.


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