Today marks the start of a new season, Autumn equinox here in the Southern Hemisphere and Spring equinox in the North. The start of a season brings about changes and new hopes.
What are your hopes? Are you accumulating things that leave an empty space inside you? Are you latched onto habits, relationships and mindsets that are keeping you back?
Sometimes the best action you can take is to let go in order to be propelled to where you actually strive to be.

Cumulative Junk

From the moment we wake up we are bombarded with advertising everywhere we look until the moment we close our eyes again. New phones, shiny gadgets, fresh clothes, fancy car, lavish lifestyle. It is perceived that having these ‘things’ makes your standard of living better.

The more you have, the higher you level up. Will you ever have enough to make you feel complete? Will you ever stop wanting? Is that really what you want or are you trying to impress others?

There is much more fulfilment in cleansing your life of things that have no meaning. Take a weekend to go through your cupboards and shelves. With each item you pick up ask yourself what purpose it serves for you. Are you holding onto it as a symbol of the past? Leave the past where it is.

Are you hoarding clothes that you wish to someday fit into again? Give them away! If you go through a radical physical transformation you deserve to spoil yourself with a new wardrobe, rather than wearing clothing chosen by you in a previous space.

Do you have piles of books, gadgets, dvds that you haven’t touched in years? Let them go to someone who will get use out of them.

Once you have ruthlessly cleansed the material objects in your house, practise gratitude for all you have left with you and bless those less fortunate with the things you are cleansing from your life. Now that you have the extra space the energy in your home should flow smoother.

Don’t rush out to fill the gaps. Let go of the urge to fill every empty space. Space serves a great purpose in your life. Rather invest in experiences, learning and things that bring meaning to your life in the long term.

Toxic Attachments

I am a firm believer that we are all equal as humans beings. No one is all good and no one is all bad. There are people who come into your life as friends or romantic relationships to have a tremendous impact. They may ignite something that you have never encountered before and you feel that your life will never be the same again.

Let go of trying to write the script and making things out to be more glamourous, meaningful or permanent than they are to be. Let life flow the way it does naturally.

You could feel a nudge deep inside you but be afraid to act on it because of the story you have written in your head. These feelings are valid. Question your intentions and the true intentions of others.

The worst place to be is in denial with yourself. If any situation makes you feel low, insecure or powerless question where your power is. You are something you should never let go of. Do not stay attached to something because of the way you desperately want it to be.

Your history with someone does not guarantee them a role in your future. Open an honest conversation. If they can’t meet you there, you will know you need to let go. Trust your gut. Don’t turn anyone into the perpetrator of your dissatisfaction. Show gratitude to the purpose that they served and carry on with your life. This lesson should be applied to all situations in your life that you are clinging onto even though they impact you in a destructive way.

Poisonous Mindsets

Whilst keeping people in your life who are holding you back is unhealthy, thinking that you are greater than them is unbalanced and only feeds the ego. This will attract more relationships that will teach you that same lesson over and over again.

Don’t judge the behaviour of someone else whose life situation is different to yours. Practice gratitude for every lesson you have learned with those who have joined you on your journey.

Be grateful for every mistake you have made that has gotten you to where you are and made you stronger. Take ownership of the impact you have had towards others and how you may have been holding them back too.

Talking or thinking negative thoughts about others poisons your own energy. Step out of situations that get you in a judgemental headspace. Balance each negative thought with two positive thoughts.

Don’t take responsibility for other’s baggage. Set your intentions to help others whilst not damaging yourself or taking on their suffering. Protect yourself first and you will be able to make the world of difference to others.

Boundaries are the most effective way to take care of yourself so that you can make the biggest impact on healing others.


This is a time of change. Adapting to new seasons you must cleanse yourself of old habits and only take with you what serves renewal. Be grateful for all that is serving you.

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