Do you need a change in your life? Do you feel that you are holding yourself back in any way? Is your decision making aligned with your goals? Take the Mindful May Challenge to shake things up and develop great habits!

The past few weeks have been challenging for me in various ways which have led to the Mindful May Challenge. My usual lifestyle has been shut down due to a fractured toe.

I have not been able to go into my permanent job managing a popular restaurant. I have not been able to do personal training with my clients and I have not been able to be active myself.

This has forced me into living in the simplest way, bound to my own flat and having not much more than myself for company. I took this as a sign to slow down, reflect and analyze my life.

While in theory I mostly know which direction is the best to take, I realise that on a daily basis my reasoning behind the decisions I make has not been aligned with my highest interests.

There are choices I know will bring me the best outcomes but I still see myself often choosing the opposite.

There is no reason for this except neglected consciousness.

Today I am clearing out my toxic habits that have held me back. Tomorrow is a new month, a new week and a fresh start, the perfect time to start a May Challenge. From tomorrow I aim to make every choice in alignment with taking the best care of myself and those around me.

Mindful May Challenge

May is going to be full of challenges but it holds great possibility as well. Living for the purpose of well-being will equip me to tackle each obstacle in the most effective way possible.

Your outer life begins with taking care of the small things inside yourself such as your health, nutrition, daily habits and the people you choose to spend time with.

The steps I am taking are very easy to follow: Make each decision (small or big) with mindfulness.

I visualise enjoying each moment of achieving these goals. You can also anticipate secondary outcomes that will expand from these positive changes. If you can relate to my realisation and are up for the challenge, join me by doing the following for the next month:




  • No DAIRY

  • Daily meditation

  • At least 1 daily act of kindness

  • Yoga 3 times per week

  • Saying NO to toxic people

Follow me on Instagram @lalipopfit where I will be documenting the challenge, adding new tips to make it easier and show support for anyone who joins me. If you read this after the month has already began, I encourage you to join in. You don’t need a huge new beginning to make changes to benefit your highest self. Any time is a good time for change.






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