I go through phases of feeling full of life and motivation to tackle anything that comes my way, and then I have days when everything feels off and I’m fighting to get basic things done.

I’ve put together some tips that are the clear difference in these two opposite head spaces.

Use them to get yourself into the mindset of achieving your most important goals, whatever they are, no matter how little time you think you have.

1) Jump Up!

As soon as you wake up in the morning, have something to motivate you to get out of bed before the idea of snoozing comes to mind.

This could be the temptation of a cup of coffee, needing to wee or the anticipation of facing the day ahead.

As soon as you are out of your bed, make it! This takes away the temptation of climbing back in. Sit by the window and drink your coffee and enjoy your breakfast. Be still for those first moments while your body is adjusting to the day.

Once you feel awake, put some music on and get yourself through the shower and dressed for the day. Now this is the first hour of being away and everything is set to make it an accomplished day.

2) Moving for Motivation

Exercise first thing in the morning will give you energy for the rest of the day’s tasks. You don’t need to block of a full hour and hassle with driving to gym and bringing a spare change of clothes as well as your toiletry cupboard.

I used to do hour long exercise sessions but they are easier to make excuses not to do because of time constraint. A 20 minute home workout every morning will boost your day, benefit your health and help with your fitness goals.

There are thousands of body weight exercises you can do at home that are one Pinterest pin away.

If you have a full hour to spare and physical training is a high-priority goal then go or it but don’t push your body past its limits where you are doing damage instead of challenging your body in a healthy way.

Don’t do extensive training if your muscles are sore. Rather make each second day a stretching day to relieve stiffness and help your muscles through recovery. Stretching is also great for making your body feel energised.

3) Act Out

The moment you have an impulse to do something productive, act on it. The longer you leave it hanging, the more likely you are to not get to it.

Train your brain to jump at ideas that you come up with. Even if it not possible to execute at that moment, do something that gets it rolling.

This could be to write a reminder on your phone, make a phone call to someone in your network, or jot down a mini-strategy plan to take action on when it becomes your priority.

How many things have you let pass you by because you didn’t listen to your instinct in the moment of inspiration? Stop this behaviour in order to move forward with your goals.

4) Tough ones First

Look at your to dos for the day and pick the most crucial two. These are usually the most daunting tasks but they have a greater effect when you achieve them. Get them done before you check email, go grocery shopping, get carried away with household tasks or start scrolling on Instagram.

If it is a large project, break them into 25 minute assignments with a 5 minute break to refresh your mind. It also helps to move your body during this break to keep your brain from falling asleep in front of your desk.

If you can get through 4-6 of these sessions before noon, you have the rest of the day to do whatever else needs to be done in a relaxed manner. The pressure is off and you feel great for what you have accomplished.

5) To Dos Before Bed

An hour before you get into bed, reflect on your day’s accomplishments and decide what is most important for the next day.

List 3-5 items that cover all aspects of your life (career, family, self-care, household etc.) that will benefit your vision for your ideal life. Think of things that will directly affect results that you can see. These are the most rewarding to accomplish.

There will be other more mundane tasks that you need to complete during the day but keep those on a separate list.

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